1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Tour

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Make Mem­o­ry the focus of your day off. Meet your dis­tant rel­a­tives, the crit­i­cal­ly endan­gered Moun­tain Goril­las, amid the wilds of Vol­ca­noes Nation­al Park in the Repub­lic of Rwan­da’s north. East African nation Rwan­da offers the stan­dard goril­la trekking safari in the con­ti­nent. It is a very ear­ly morn­ing dri­ve to the park at sun­rise. With the assis­tance of knowl­edge­able ranger guides, you will mon­i­tor the goril­las, deter­mine how sim­i­lar they are, and declare it a day well spent. On the same day, lunch will be served in the for­est, togeth­er with the Deper­ture. You need to have Some lev­el of phys­i­cal fit­ness for a smooth track.

Day1: Pick­up, Goril­la track­ing and Departure

This day begins extreme­ly ear­ly in the morn­ing and goes all day long. At the agreed-upon tour begin­ning loca­tion, a rep­re­sen­ta­tive from our firm will meet with you and give you a brief­ing on the trip. After that, if you’re in Kigali, Rwan­da, it will take you two to three hours to dri­ve to the park over a jour­ney char­ac­ter­ized by stun­ning scenery, lux­u­ri­ant green­ery, and dis­persed rur­al home­steads. You must arrive at the park head­quar­ters by 7:00 a.m. for a pre-tour brief­ing and to reg­is­ter with the ranger guides. The experts explain the dos and don’ts of trekking, the goril­las’ way of life, and assign indi­vid­u­als to the goril­la group to track dur­ing this 30-minute ses­sion. Goril­la trekking is a dif­fi­cult task, but it is also thrilling and well worth every step.

Over 98% of the DNA in these apes is sim­i­lar to human DNA, mak­ing them human-like. They are gre­gar­i­ous ani­mals that live in reg­i­ments under the com­mand of an alpha male known as a sil­ver­back, who is respon­si­ble for main­tain­ing secu­ri­ty and the wel­fare of the entire fam­i­ly. As you move through the for­est, you will gen­tly trav­el through the val­leys and climb the hills. There’s a good chance you’ll dis­cov­er new plant species, as well as come across sev­er­al birds and pri­mates liv­ing togeth­er in the same jun­gle. The activ­i­ty lasts between one to eight hours, with an extra hour for inten­sive­ly observ­ing the apes, tak­ing pic­tures, and ask­ing the ranger any ques­tions you may have about them. After eat­ing lunch in the for­est, you’ll go to the park’s admin­is­tra­tive cen­ter to meet your dri­ving guide for a Deper­ture Journey.

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