10 Days Best of Burundi Safari


The 10-days Burun­di Best of safari, is designed to allow you explore and expe­ri­ence the hid­den nat­ur­al won­ders of Burun­di. Locat­ed in East Africa, Burun­di is a land­locked coun­try, and it still fea­tures among the untouched des­ti­na­tions in Africa. This trip offers a life­time oppor­tu­ni­ty for you to unlock Burun­di, explore its unspoiled parks includ­ing Rusizi Nation­al Park, the biggest park and home to dozens of hip­pos; Kibi­ra Nation­al Park where huge con­cen­tra­tion of over 98 mam­mal species live includ­ing chim­panzees, colobus plus 200 species of birds.

Details of safari

Day 1: Arrival, Bujum­bu­ra Air­port- Burundi

Meet your expe­ri­enced Burun­di guide for a warm wel­come, and lat­er trans­fer to pre-booked hotel in Bujum­bu­ra city (for­mer­ly referred to as Usum­bu­ra). Bujum­bu­ra is Burundi’s biggest city, and it is locat­ed North­east of Lake Tan­ganyi­ka, the 2nd deep­est fresh­wa­ter Lake in the world.

Day 2: Bujum­bu­ra city excursion

Explore Bujum­bu­ra city of Burun­di, a colo­nial town and home to numer­ous sites. On a city tour in Bujum­bu­ra, you will explore dif­fer­ent his­tor­i­cal, reli­gious sites includ­ing the Liv­ing­stone Stan­ley mon­u­ment, Burun­di Geo­log­i­cal Muse­um, the mar­kets, pres­i­den­tial palace, etc. Bujum­bu­ra also serves as the country’s main port, and its main export is cof­fee, plus tin ore, cot­ton, and others.

Day 3–4: Rusizi N/P

Break­fast in the morn­ing, after trans­fer to Rusizi Nation­al Park/Parc Nation­al de la Rusizi. This park is found 15km North of Bujum­bu­ra city, and prides itself of dis­tinct fau­nal and flo­ral species. It is divid­ed into 2 sec­tions- the East­ern bank of the Rusizi Riv­er and Delta region.

Rusizi N. Park cov­ers the land area mea­sur­ing up to 90sq.km and pro­tects hip­pos, sitatun­gas, a croc­o­dile (also pop­u­lar as Gus­tave) plus some mon­keys. The key expe­ri­ences to expect on 2‑day excur­sion in Rusizi N/Park include game view­ing, nature walk, bird­ing, etc.

Day 5–6: Kibi­ra N/Park

Lying along the apex of the Con­go-Nile divide, Kibi­ra Nation­al Park sits on 4 provinces, and it is Burundi’s biggest park. The park occu­pies over 400sq.km, fea­tur­ing a primeval rain­for­est and oth­er habi­tats which host over 98 species of mam­mals includ­ing sev­er­al pri­mates espe­cial­ly chim­panzees, baboons, colobus mon­keys, 200 species of birds and dif­fer­ent plant life. The pos­si­ble ways to explore and expe­ri­ence Kibi­ra NP is by under­tak­ing a boat tour, pri­mate walk/chimpanzee trekking and more.

Day 7 to 8: Explore Rwi­hin­da Lake Nature Reserve

Dri­ve from Kibi­ra to Rwi­hin­da Reserve which is found in the North­ern side of Burun­di, near­by bor­der with Rwan­da. It derives its name from Lake Rwi­hin­da, also pre­vi­ous­ly referred to as Bird Lake. This nature reserve sits on the land area of 80sq.km and vari­ety of migra­to­ry birds will be spot­ted here. On your bird­ing expe­di­tion, expect to keep an eye on the reserve’s birds such as white winged scrub-war­blers, North­ern brown throat­ed weavers, red-faced bar­bet, red-chest­ed sun­bird, Carruther’s cis­ti­co­la, ring necked fran­col­ins, crest­ed cranes, herons, papyrus yel­low war­blers, etc.

Day 9: Return to Bujumbura

Dri­ve back to Bujum­bu­ra city, enjoy lunch en-route and arrive at the city ear­ly. Drop off at the hotel or lodge for a long evening relax­ation, and overnight sleep.

Day 10: Departure

Enjoy a hefty break­fast, after, check out of your hotel in Bujum­bu­ra, do some shop­ping and dri­ve to the air­port. From Bujum­bu­ra air­port, fly to the next des­ti­na­tion, or back home which marks the end of 10 days best of Burun­di safari.


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