5 Days Rwanda double Gorilla and Golden monkey trekking safari

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One of Rwan­da’s four nation­al parks, Vol­ca­noes Nation­al Park, will be the loca­tion of your five-day safari. Because the sought-after Moun­tain Goril­las can only be found on the African con­ti­nent, it is one of the most well-known loca­tions on the con­ti­nent. For a suc­cess­ful hike to and from the goril­las and Gold­en mon­keys in Vol­ca­noes Nation­al Park, some lev­el of ath­leti­cism is required due to the park’s moun­tain­ous ter­rain. Some of the cutest and most love­ly mon­key species that exist in the wild are gold­en mon­keys. They allow for human pres­ence; there­fore, you must be quite active to take stun­ning pic­tures. A dou­ble goril­la walks, a gold­en mon­key trek, an option­al cave explo­ration, a tour of Twin Lakes, and a city tour of Kigali are some of the days’ activities.

Detailed Trip

Day: Pick­up and trans­fer to vol­ca­noes Nation­al Park

Our com­pa­ny’s dri­ver guide will be hap­py to lead you to the “coun­try of Athou­sand hills,” which you will view first, when you arrive at Kigali Inter­na­tion­al Air­port or from Kigali City. A brief­ing on what to expect over the next five days is fol­lowed with a glass of juice. After that, set off on a 2- to 3‑hour trip across rolling hills and rich green­ery to Vol­ca­noes Nation­al Park. You will arrive at your hotel, check in, and be served lunch as your first meal while vis­it­ing the park. After that, you can have an hour to relax before the evening’s option­al Musanze cave explo­ration. The day is done after din­ner and before bed.

Day2: First Goril­la trekking

The lodge’s break­fast buf­fet is the best morn­ing treat. The Pre­trekking brief­ing takes place at the park head­quar­ters and lasts for about 30 min­utes. Depart with your packed lunch and oth­er trekking sup­plies. You will be assigned to a goril­la group by the ranger guides, who will also lay out the trekking reg­u­la­tions. From there, you can trav­el through val­leys and hills to find the goril­las, stop­ping first at the spot where the apes had left the day before. It is a stren­u­ous trek that takes about 1 to 8 hours, plus an addi­tion­al hour for pho­tog­ra­phy, learn­ing about moun­tain goril­la life, and oth­er activ­i­ties. You will return to the lodge for refresh­ments after the goril­la trekking exer­cise, fol­lowed by din­ner and a nap.

Day3: Sec­ond Goril­la trekking

After break­fast, take a Deper­ture to the park head­quar­ters for a pre-trek brief­ing with your packed lunch and the trekking sup­plies. This day will be fol­lowed by one with a dif­fer­ent fam­i­ly of goril­las. Depend­ing on how far they have trav­eled and your pace of walk­ing, the trek should take any­thing from one to eight hours. It takes effort and ded­i­ca­tion to nav­i­gate through the hills and val­leys in this for­est, but it will be worth­while in the end. Through­out the hunt, there’s a pos­si­bil­i­ty that you’ll run into oth­er birds and pri­mates. Every­where they go, goril­las spend the evenings in their nests, and that is where the group’s activ­i­ties for the fol­low­ing day begin.  After spend­ing an hour with the group, you will have a Lunch break, and then return to the lodge for a rest. Din­ner and overnight will come last in the days program.

Day4: Gold­en Mon­key Trekking and Twin Lake visit

You will have a hearty break­fast at the lodge when you awak­en from a rest­ful snooze. You will then dri­ve to the park head­quar­ters for a pre-tour brief­ing by the ranger guides. You’ll learn about the gold­en mon­keys’ beau­ty, the dos and don’ts of trekking, and more. You will then be dri­ven from there to the jun­gle to look for the bam­boo lovers. This prac­tice lasts between one to four hours, with an hour set aside for shoot­ing pic­tures, observ­ing the mon­keys up close, and tak­ing notes.

Fol­low­ing a break for lunch, you’ll head to Twin Lake for a leisure­ly evening adven­ture. Vis­i­tors come to Twin Lake, which is a com­bi­na­tion of Two Lake, to unwind, have fun, eat, and take a canoe ride. You’ll head back to the lodge for din­ner and a night’s rest at dusk.

Day5: Deper­ture

You will check out of the hotel and dri­ve to Kigali after break­fast. Two hours of sight­see­ing in Kigali is the ide­al amount of time, depend­ing on the time when to catch your flight. The rapid­ly expand­ing urban areas, the local mar­kets where you can shop for trin­kets and observe how the locals con­duct busi­ness, and the Geno­cide Memo­r­i­al Site, where you can pay respects to the more than 25000 Hutu and Tut­si who lost their lives in the eth­nic con­flicts, are just a few of the places you can be tak­en. You will eat lunch in town for your final meal of the day before departing.

End of safari

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