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Time to spend sev­en days dis­cov­er­ing the forests, pri­mates, lakes, cul­ture, cui­sine, weath­er, and wildlife in Ugan­da, the Pearl of Africa. It is a road jour­ney that takes place through rur­al areas in Ugan­da’s north, south, and southwest—the area with the most scenic land­scapes. Enjoy the stun­ning scenery, goril­las in the Bwin­di Impen­e­tra­ble Nation­al Park’s trop­i­cal for­est, chim­panzees in Kibale For­est Nation­al Park, and Murchi­son Falls Nation­al Park’s most pow­er­ful water­falls. You will go on a guid­ed nature walk, chim­panzee trek, boat cruise, game dri­ve, goril­la trek, and Isun­ga cul­tur­al tour. Depend­ing on the time avail­able, there may be oth­er loca­tions to see and things to do. The safari starts and ends at the Entebbe inter­na­tion­al airport/Kampala city.

Detailed Trip

Day1: Kam­pala to Murchi­son Fall NP

Your dri­ving guide will take you up at Entebbe Inter­na­tion­al Air­port or in Kam­pala City for the day’s trip to Murchi­son Falls Nation­al Park, With the most pow­er­ful water­fall on earth. This is Ugan­da’s biggest and old­est nation­al park. You will dis­cuss top­ics such as Ugan­da, the Murchi­son Falls, sights, and more while dri­ving. To locate the remain­ing rhi­nos in the nation, you have one hour to stop at the Ziwah Rhi­no Sanc­tu­ary. After the activ­i­ty, have lunch at Masin­di town before dri­ving to your accom­mo­da­tion in the park or near­by. The final activ­i­ties of the day are din­ner and bedtime.

Day2: Game dri­ve and Boat cruise

After a hearty break­fast at the lodge, depart for a 3- to 4‑hour game dri­ve in the park’s north­ern region. Dif­fer­ent bird, ani­mal, and plant species can be found through­out the savan­nah grass­land area. Dur­ing this dri­ve, a lit­tle luck is nec­es­sary. Warthogs, cape buf­faloes, African ele­phants, water­bucks, Ugan­da Kobs, leop­ards, crest­ed cranes, giraffes, egrets, the whistling aca­cia, and more ani­mals are on the list today.

After your wildlife dri­ve, you’ll head back to the resort for lunch before board­ing a boat for a two-hour jour­ney to the base of Murchi­son Falls, the world’s most pow­er­ful water­fall. Oth­er attrac­tions on this jour­ney include the sight and sound of hip­pos, Nile croc­o­diles, and var­i­ous aquat­ic birds, as well as the mag­nif­i­cent sight of a thun­der­ous water­fall that squeezes down a 7‑me­ter-deep val­ley lead­ing to the Nile. Retire to the lodge for din­ner and the night fol­low­ing the day’s activities.

Day3: Trans­fer to Kibale for­est Nation­al park

A good morn­ing begins with a hearty break­fast, fol­lowed by check-out from the lodge and a trans­fer to Kibale For­est Nation­al Park, which is home to around 13 dif­fer­ent kinds of pri­mates. Dri­ve to Fort­por­tal city through plan­ta­tions and undu­lat­ing hills; the trip takes about 7 to 8 hours, with a lunch stop along the way. In the evening, you will arrive and check into your lodge before going to bed and eat­ing dinner.

Day4: Chim­panzee trekking and Isun­ga cul­tur­al Tour

After break­fast, you will be trans­ferred to the park head­quar­ters for reg­is­tra­tion and a ranger guide brief­ing where they will go through the dos and don’ts of hik­ing as well as the apes’ way of life. An addi­tion­al hour is allot­ted for pho­tog­ra­phy in addi­tion to the 1 to 5 hours that the trekking activ­i­ty takes. With a 98% sim­i­lar­i­ty to human DNA, chim­panzees and humans are close­ly relat­ed. They have approx­i­mate­ly 25 dis­tinc­tive vocals and are gre­gar­i­ous. More than 12 oth­er rare pri­mates, includ­ing the black and white Colum­bus mon­keys, which you may see if you’re lucky, live in the Kibale for­est among them. After the allot­ted hour of ape view­ing, you will return to the lodge where you will spend the rest of the day engag­ing in activ­i­ties like singing along to songs, explor­ing the neigh­bor­hood to get a feel for rur­al life, and more. Din­ner and a rest­ful night at the lodge mark the con­clu­sion of this day.

Day5: Kibale for­est to Bwin­di impen­e­tra­ble Nation­al Park

Enjoy a won­der­ful break­fast at the lodge to start the day, and then check out to go to Bwin­di Impen­e­tra­ble Nation­al Park, home to the crit­i­cal­ly endan­gered moun­tain goril­las. The dri­ver guide tells tales about the goril­las, the Bwin­di Jun­gle, and oth­er sub­jects as they pass by. When you get there, you’ll check in to the lodge where you’ll have lunch, a snack, din­ner, and a night’s sleep.

Day6: Goril­la trekking

Today, make a won­der­ful cup of cof­fee to bright­en your morn­ing. After that, trav­el to the park head­quar­ters for reg­is­tra­tion and brief­ing, which takes approx­i­mate­ly thir­ty min­utes, with your packed lunch and wear­ing trekking gear. The ranger guides will go through the dos and don’ts of trekking before accom­pa­ny­ing you on the ulti­mate safari adven­ture. Only locat­ed on the African con­ti­nent, moun­tain goril­las are dif­fi­cult to trace due to their habi­tat’s steep hills. Find­ing them requires 1 to 8 hours, plus an extra hour for pho­tograph­ing. While look­ing for these cousins in their native habi­tat, you may also be able to iden­ti­fy var­i­ous pri­mates, plants, and birds in the for­est. Lunch will be served in the jun­gle, and you’ll return to the lodge after spend­ing time with your goril­la rel­a­tives. Din­ner and sleep­ing at the inn.

Day 7: Deperture

After break­fast, check out and trav­el to Kam­pala or the Entebbe inter­na­tion­al air­port. The equa­tor mon­u­ment will be a stopover along the way where you can snap mag­nif­i­cent pho­tos, par­tic­i­pate in Launch, see the demon­stra­tions at the loca­tion where the world is divid­ed into the north­ern and south­ern hemi­spheres, and more for an hour or more. The dri­ving guide will bid you farewell at the drop-off loca­tion after the enjoy­able time.

End of safari


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