About ABA African Smiles

About ABA African Smiles

We are a safari company based in Kampala, Uganda; fully registered and licensed to operate tour and travel services in Uganda. Aba African Smiles is made of a team of travel specialists with distinct skills and talents and passionate to organize and deliver memorable experiences to travelers. Because of this rich team composition, we craft any desired trip and exceed expectations of our clients – whether solo, couples or group travelers.

We have proper understanding of the local context of Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC and Burundi which helps us secure pleasant, safe, and memorable experiences for our clients from the time they arrive into the country, to the time they depart.


Our Services


Gorilla trekking safaris

Because mountain gorillas are rare primates, we understand the attachment travelers have with gorilla trekking. We therefore ensure a lifetime experience for our visitors in either one of the two only gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda – Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. We also organize exciting gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda and D.R. Congo.


Wildlife Tours

Our services go beyond Ugandan borders because our team equally has an understanding of all regional travel destinations. We organize wildlife safaris to Kenya and Tanzania specifically for great wildebeest migration and Big 5 safaris, never relenting in our quality service delivery be it cross-border.


Chimpanzee Safaris

We organize rewarding chimpanzee adventures for our visitors in some of the best available chimpanzee destinations, especially Kibale National park in Uganda, Nyungwe national park in Rwanda Gombe stream national park in Tanzania and so many other destinations.

Due to the need of creating a memorable experience, we make sure that our visitors don’t find any interferences. Our team not only has ground experience of arranging chimpanzee trekking trips, but also have experience in delivering the best.  

Gorilla permit bookings

Because gorilla permit booking is essential to taking part in the gorilla trekking safaris, we save our visitors from the tedious process of booking permits. We advise our visitors on the best time to engage in gorilla trekking and also book their gorilla permit in advance.

Thereafter, all that’s left for visitors to do, is to come, have a wonderful experience of our services when the time of gorilla trekking is due.


Hotel bookings

We value the comfort of our guests and therefore have a team accustomed to all possible accommodation facilities of any set budget in any destination. Our team guarantees that hotel bookings are therefore taken care of for any visitor category.  

Car hire / rental services

We understand that mobility is at the center of any safari. We offer car hire services and guarantee that our clients acquire their cars in perfect condition fit for whatever purpose they need the car for. In doing so, we also guarantee the ease in mobility by assigning licensed and experienced drivers for any of our clients in need and travel maps for ease of navigation and more.


Air ticketing

Travelling into or out of a foreign country maybe tricky and sometimes a bit challenging. We recognize such struggles and therefore always want our clients to have a memorable experience. We reserve air tickets and flight arrangements on your behalf for private individuals, big corporations or for big businesses and parastatals, we facilitate a dynamic travel experience.


Core values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Candor
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Dynamism
  5. Conservation of the environment and culture


Objectives of the company

  • Providing top quality services to our clients to secure a pleasant, safe and memorable safari experiences.
  • Keeping updated with the emerging trends and shifts in the tour and travel environment.
  • Adding value to the travel sector.
  • Participation in local and regional community services.
  • Adapting to environmentally friendly travel practices.


Mission statement

To provide a lifetime experience through travel while offering premium quality services to our clients.



To offer a traditional safari in the modern world while delivering within and beyond our clients’ expectations, by providing the best quality services.


Why travel with Aba African Smiles?


For 100% tailor-made safari

We make sure that your entire holiday is designed around your needs and requirements. We do this by first exploring your interests, selecting your desired mode of accommodation, and creating a perfect trip with the professional help of our tour and travel specialists.


Experienced and expert guides

We understand the difference between an ordinarily good trip, and a superb trip. We have a sophisticated team of guides picked by us as the available best. They offer more than names of places, but strive to offer our clients real insights and perspectives into their countries to which a tourist travels.


Expert knowledge

Our specialists are extensively travelled and majority have lived as residents in their specialist areas of travel. The specialists handle your trip from the beginning, to the very end.

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We have proper understanding of the local context of Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC and Burundi which helps us secure pleasant, safe, and memorable experiences for our clients from the time they arrive into the country, to the time they depart.

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