Congo and Gorillas

Goril­las in Con­go include moun­tain goril­las and low­lands. The rare moun­tain goril­las in Con­go reside in the jun­gles of the Virun­ga Nation­al Park. The vast UNESCO pro­tect­ed area sits on the East­ern part of the D.R. Con­go, and shel­ters 300 moun­tain goril­las. This is a spe­cial habi­tat for Congo’s 8 habit­u­at­ed moun­tain goril­la fam­i­lies; Mun­ya­ga, Bageni, Nyakamwe, Rugen­do, Lulen­go, Hum­ba, Kab­i­rizi, and Mapuwa.

Con­go and low­land goril­las- the East­ern low­land goril­las in the DRC reside in Maiko and Kahuzi-Bie­ga Nation­al Parks. Vis­it­ing goril­la beringei Grauer’s in Con­go also requires you to have valid goril­la per­mits, which costs USD450 per person.

Things to pack for Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC gorilla safaris

Pack right for all goril­la trips to Rwan­da, Ugan­da, or DRC. Begin with essen­tials such as water­proof hik­ing boots, bot­tled drink­ing water, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, rain jack­et, cam­era, day­pack, long trousers, pair of socks, insect repel­lents, high ener­gy giv­ing snacks, gar­den­ing gloves, extra cam­era bat­ter­ies, mem­o­ry card, etc.

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