Wildlife safaris in Tanzania, & Kenya

Tan­za­nia and Kenya are East Africa’s top big 5 game des­ti­na­tions. Boast­ing of their breath­tak­ing land­scapes, Kenya and Tan­za­nia are the 2 places where the world’s great­est spec­ta­cle of wildlife can be expe­ri­enced- the wilde­beest migra­tion. The two pre­mier wildlife safari des­ti­na­tions have plen­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ties for tourists to explore and expe­ri­ence dif­fer­ent wildlife in the wild.

Kenya wildlife safaris are done in var­i­ous pro­tect­ed areas. Locat­ed in East Africa, Kenya offers the best wildlife tours in both nation­al parks and reserves. If your dream expe­ri­ence is the wilde­beest migra­tion, then no bet­ter place is worth vis­it­ing on Kenya safaris than the Masai Mara. This sweep­ing 1510sq.km nature reserve is where the annu­al wilde­beest migra­tion occurs in East Africa, and mil­lions of wilde­beest, elands, zebras, etc can be observed while cross­ing the Mara River.

Oth­er lead­ing safari des­ti­na­tions in Kenya include Aber­dare Nation­al Park, Tsa­vo Parks- Tsa­vo East and West, Lake Naku­ru, Sam­bu­ru Nation­al Reserve, Amboseli Nation­al Park, Mount Kenya N/Park, etc. To enjoy the best of Kenya wildlife safaris, there are plen­ti­ful of excit­ing activ­i­ties to indulge in and they include guid­ed game dri­ves, hot air bal­loon tours, walk­ing tours, boat cruis­es, canoe­ing, horse­back, wilde­beest migra­tion safaris, bird­ing, and more.

A Kenya wildlife tour is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to enjoy the view of diverse ani­mals. These include impalas, zebras, lions, gazelles, hip­pos, chee­tahs, leop­ards, wilde­beest, buf­faloes, ele­phants, warthogs, kobs, top­is, hye­nas, and others.

Tan­za­nia wildlife ‑explore Tan­za­nia, one of the lead­ing big five game view­ing des­ti­na­tions. Game/wildlife tours in Tan­za­nia are pos­si­ble across most of its pris­tine parks and nation­al reserves. The prime des­ti­na­tions for wildlife safaris in Tan­za­nia include Lake Man­yara, Serengeti Nation­al Park, Rua­ha Nation­al Park, Ngoron­goro Crater/Conservation Area, Selous Game Reserve, Gombe Nation­al Park, Miku­mi, etc.

The wildebeest migration

In Tan­za­nia and Kenya, the wilde­beest migra­tion is the main rea­son why the two des­ti­na­tions are buck­et list on most of the African safari pack­ages. The best time to enjoy wilde­beest migra­tion is dur­ing the dry months, specif­i­cal­ly July to August. The birthing sea­son for wilde­beest is from Decem­ber to February.

Wilde­beest migra­tion in Kenya occurs in the Masai Mara Nation­al Reserve which is set in the far South­west­ern part, Narok coun­ty. In Tan­za­nia, the best des­ti­na­tion to con­sid­er for wilde­beest migra­tion tours is Serengeti Nation­al Park, one of the lead­ing parks in the North­ern tourist circuit.

When to travel for gorilla & wildlife safaris?

Goril­la and wildlife safaris in Africa are enjoy­able at any time of the year, although the dry months are the most pre­ferred. The dry months are the best months of the year to vis­it moun­tain goril­las or go game view­ing to see the big 5 game. For goril­la trekking, con­sid­er trav­el­ing to Ugan­da, Rwan­da, and DRC around June, July, August, Sep­tem­ber, and Decem­ber, Jan­u­ary to Feb­ru­ary. To enjoy wilde­beest migra­tion in the Masai Mara, Serengeti, vis­it Kenya/Tanzania from July to August.

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